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The Really Useful Company
The Phantom and the Fans

A True Story of Betrayal and Greed

The Really Useful Company (also called the Really Useful Group, and known to fans as the "RUG") is Andrew Lloyd Webber's company, and producer of his musicals. Their most successful, popular, and money-earning musical is The Phantom of the Opera, which has hundreds of devoted fans who spend thousands of dollars on the show and its merchandise. They have also set up fan pages all around the Web, effectively giving thousands of dollars of free advertising to the RUG.

The RUG's response to this? Complaints of copyright infringement and threats to the future of fans' Web pages!

This is just one more example of the way the RUG
treats fans as if we were citizens of a dictatorship!

This page has been put up to share the anger and frustration of the fans with the world. For too long now the RUG have treated us as second-class citizens. They don't answer our letters. They don't respond to our constructive suggestions on dealing with the copyright disputes. They don't let us get tickets to anniversaries. They obstruct fan endeavors and are unhelpful and rude. Read our complaints in more detail here!

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RUG Sucks!
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